Gabriel Apodaca

Chief Executive Officer of Nearshore Technology

Mr. Apodaca is the Chief Executive Officer of NearShore Technology. Mr. Apodaca has over 25 years of experience in developing, managing and marketing products and services for start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies.

Mr. Apodaca was previously an Executive Vice President for a leading technology company with offices in the United States and Mexico. Prior to moving into technology outsourcing, Mr. Apodaca was a Senior Manager in KPMG’s Information, Communication and Entertainment (ICE) practice. Mr. Apodaca began his career at Oracle Corporation where was a Senior Director responsible for three development and implementation practices and ran the Southwest and Pacific Rim Regions.

Mr. Apodaca received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from National University.

Sheri Apodaca

President of Nearshore Technology

Ms. Apodaca is the Chief Administrative Officer of NearShore Technology where she is responsible for Human Resources and Finance. Ms. Apodaca spent the first 10 years of her career managing international development projects for large multinational firms. Prior to joining NearShore, she managed client relations and human resources for a technology company with offices in the United States and Mexico.

Ms. Apodaca received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of North Texas.

Brian Peterson

Chief Technology Officer of Nearshore Technology

Mr. Peterson is the Chief Technology Officer of NearShore Technology Company and is responsible for technology strategy and developing solutions for our clients.

Mr. Peterson previously was the Chief Technology Officer for Cloudswell, a cloud-based application development and innovation management firm. Prior to Cloudswell, he was the Chief Experience Officer at TransCard, an innovative payment solutions firm that is a member of all major debit card networks.

Mr. Peterson began his career with Ernst & Young and spent the early years of his career working for Fortune 500 Companies including Eli Lilly and Company, Dow Agro Science, and Pearson.

Mr. Peterson received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Purdue University.